Unpardonable Sin?

The following article comes from Pastor Jan's monthly news letter. Pastor Jan also is the author of the "National Sunday Law" booklet which on this web site appears under the title "Universal System of Forced Worship". Pastor Jan tells us that he received a letter from Wayne saying, "It is truly awful because I think I have committed the unpardonable sin." Wayne said his great problem started when he "got mixed up with a charismatic church for a few months." He said, "The Holy Spirit convicted me very clearly that I should stop attending meetings..... and instead of obeying God's voice, I resisted it. I have never been the same since.... I never hear my conscience any more."

Wayne said that now blasphemous thoughts rush through his head. He said that he has gone back to drinking beer and smoking. He said that his head seems empty, and even hollow. After telling of other problems, he said, "I am beside myself, and at a loss as to what is wrong with me. It looks fairly convincing that I am a lost man. I wish I could cry about the situation, but I can't even do that any more. I am completely devoid of zest, vitality, and peace. I am only 34 years old. It is very very sad what has happened to me. It seems that God has abandoned me. Could you please pray for me, Pastor Jan, as though I were your only son facing the lake of fire. Please earnestly pray for me. Thank you, and God bless.
Yours in hope, Wayne."

Pastor Jan:
This is only a small part of Wayne's 6 page letter. I also wrote him a letter, and I'll say that I hope that he is reading this right now, because what I'm about to share with you is for anyone who the devil is tempting to be discouraged. It's for anyone who needs peace with God and a glimpse of the amazing love, mercy, and power of our Lord Jesus Christ. Are you ready Wayne? Are the rest of you ready? Here we go.

Pastor Jan now explains what he saw on a video he received concerning William Schnoebelen. William was a new age guru, a cultist, a spirit channeler, a Knight's Templar, a York Rite Mason, a 32nd degree Scottish Rite Mason, a Shriner, and finally, a 90th degree Mason, a high degree Mormon Elder, a member of the Illuminati, a wizard, a demon possessed warlock, a satanic high priest, a second-degree in the church of Satan, a blood drinking vampire, a Roman Catholic priest, and an ordained Catholic bishop. Here's what he said -

People wonder how I could have done all those things and been so demented as to get into these different kinds of cults. Well, basically it was a process. I didn't just wake up one morning when I was 19 years old and say, 'Hey 1 want to be a devil worshiper.' Very early on in life I knew I was destined for something religious. I was raised in the Catholic faith. Even as a small child I wanted to be a priest. I cut up bed sheets and made vestments out of them and said the mass for my little friends — feeding them poker chips. I determined that I was going to serve God. But along the way I hit a few bumps in the road. One of the nuns who taught me in the eighth grade, gave me an occultic book of magic. I was fascinated with this stuff. It intrigued me [like the Harry Potter books do with kids now]. I was only about 12-13 years old, so naturally I would find it intriguing. I would read everything I could get my hands on in this stuff. It obsessed my mind.

By the time I got into college, I entered the 'minor seminary' to become a Catholic priest. So I started studying theology, and guess what I ran into? I ran into college professors who started telling me that most of the Bible wasn't even true. They told me that Adam and Eve didn't even exist. They told me that Moses never parted the Red Sea - that all he did was gallop though a marsh, and that Pharaoh's army got stuck in the marsh, and then the tide came in and they all drowned. This is the kind of information I was getting from my Catholic professors.

[Note - Because of Roman Catholic infiltration, {like the "Oxford movement,"} nearly all colleges and universities today are the "gates of hell" as Martin Luther warned {See GC 140,141}].

They destroyed what little faith I had in the Bible. Then came the second part of Satan's 1-2 punch. In the Catholic church they teach that a priest is another Christ. So what my professor told me was that if I really wanted to be like Jesus, I was going to have to do what Jesus did. So what did Jesus do between the ages of 12 and 30? The professor said that He traipsed off to the far east and studied under the gurus of Tibet. He went to India, and to Egypt, and studied under all the great maji and learned how to turn water into wine. He laid on a bed of nails in the lotus position and stared at his stomach until he was enlightened, and if I studied the occult, I too could be another Christ. I was only 19 years old and I didn't know from nothing. This professor was a Roman Catholic priest with a white collar around his neck and about five or six degrees after his name, so I believed him. So I got a bunch of esoteric and occult books, and I started experimenting. In my sophomore year we had a seance in which we tried to call up the ghost of the lady whose body was buried in the music department at the college, and it was reasonably successful. The doors got blown open even though they were locked, and a few things like that happened. I was really intrigued by this, because it kept working. So by the time I was a senior, I figured out that to really get into the occult, you've got to become a witch. [Note - This is where Rome secretly wants people to get into because many of Rome's clergy are into it themselves.] So I wrote the king of the witches. His name is Alex Sanders. He was also a Catholic priest, so I figured we had a lot in common. He told mc where there was a coven in Plymouth, MA were I could go and become a witch. So I went and got my first degree of witchcraft, and that makes me basically a priest of the Wicca.

Then I dropped out of the seminary because it seemed that what I was doing now was a lot more fascinating and exciting than being a Catholic priest. I met this lady who was to become my wife. She had also been pursuing the study of witchcraft, and so we went down to Arkansas - near Little Rock, near where Bill Clinton was from, to the headquarters of the grandmaster druid of all North America. We spent the entire summer studying and learning high-level witchcraft and druidism. In the cool of the evening we would sit around a picnic table on a mountaintop and learn all of this esoteric 'truth'. What was fascinating was that almost every night, a UFO would come down and hover over the mountain for the better part of the evening. We could actually see something moving around in the windows of that thing. It was that clear. My wife and I had a big witch wedding in a park in Zion, Illinois with 200 witches present in a big circle and a bonfire in the middle. We ended up settling in Milwaukee, which was to be our base of operation for the next 10 years. In Milwaukee we had a really fertile field. When we got there, there were some 48 people just waiting, panting for us to teach them about witchcraft. We set up quite a significant number of covens, and we initiated 175 witches all up-and-down Lake Michigan, and had covens in Dubuquc, Davenport, and other places in Iowa.

We learned that witchcraft is like a drug. Magic is addictive. You can't quite get enough of it. Eventually, you want more. You want to know more and have more power. At this time I was a trance medium and so was my wife. We had almost daily communications with spirit guides. They are also called ascended masters,' or 'doctors of divinity.' They told us 'Maybe you ought to look into the church of Satan. You have gone about as far as you can go, and if you want to get any deeper into the power and into the wisdom, you should start investigating the dark side.' So I went out and bought a copy of the Satanic Bible. If you had told me five years earlier that I would have done this, I would've laughed at you. But this is how seductive this can be. I wrote Anton LaVey. [Note - He's the leader of the church of Satan - who a few years ago, went and had an interview with his co-worker and superior in the Vatican - "The Man of Sin." II Thess. 2.] He sent me an application to join the church of Satan. So I paid my $20 entrance fee and got a membership card which proclaimed me a member of the infernal kingdom. I was progressing so fast that after about a year, I applied for 'second-degree.' I took this exhaustive test and qualified to be a warlock.

About this time I started realizing that the church of Satan is like the tip of a very big, black, iceberg with lots of stuff going on beneath the surface. What I learned may surprise some of you. I learned that in order to get into the higher levels of Satanism, what you first have to do is to become a Mason. You have to be at least a Master Mason. I have a friend whose father was involved with the Masons. He sponsored me, and in about a year I became a Master Mason. Then I went on to the York Rite and got the 10th degree of that. Then I became a 32nd-degree Mason in the Scottish Rite. Their black and white checkerboard means that you can't have good without evil. Finally, I got into the part of masonry where I became a Shriner. The symbolism on the front of the Shriner hat is right out of the pit.

Once I got those degrees, I was ready to get into the real hard-core of Satanism. Now I was connected with what was called 'The Brotherhood' in Chicago, and at the same time, I started getting visits from someone who called himself 'Master H.' I was working third shift as a newspaper carrier. I would be out there in the middle of the night filling up boxes with newspapers, and 'Master H' would just pop out of thin air and stand there like Vincent Price dressed in a white robe. He would kind of glow-in-the-dark. He would give me all this instruction how to be an "illuminated" being, then he would just vanish. To become 'illuminated' is the goal of Satanism and Masonry.

Then I got involved with a group called "The Monastery of the Seven Rays" in Chicago. They told me that if I really wanted to progress and become a Satanic priest, I first had to become a Roman Catholic priest! You can't be a Satanic priest without first being a Catholic priest! There was a group there called the 'Old Roman Catholic Church,' and I was able to work something out with a bishop of that group where I would make him a witch high priest if he would make me a Catholic priest. We had a very equitable arrangement. So I was ordained to the Catholic priesthood.

I was finally ready for the big moment. I was now eligible to become a priest of Satan. The only problem is, I had to sell my soul to the devil to do that. I didn't realize that the devil already had my soul. I still had enough vestiges of my upbringing to be a little nervous about the thought of signing a contract to give the devil my soul. So I did what a Catholic priest does when he is confronted with some major decision. I was going to say a mass to the Holy Spirit. While saying this mass the wine started fizzing and bubbling, and right before my eyes it turned into human blood. It was even warm. Since the Catholic priest has to drink all the wine that is left after the mass, I had to drink all of this blood. This convinced me that God must have given His approval for me to sign over my soul to the devil. So I went down into a suburb of Chicago and signed my name in a black book. I signed the contract with Satan, and my soul was committed to hell. The contract was for seven years, during which the devil would give me wine, women, song, dope, power, you name it. At the end of those seven years, he would get to kill me and take me to hell. But you've got to understand something. A Satanist believes that hell is one big party. It's filled with sex, dope, and rock-and-roll. That's all that goes on down there. I was taught that heaven is boring. You just sit around on a cloud and strum on some harp. So I thought I'd be better off in hell anyway. So I sold my soul to the devil, and then got my first taste of what it was like to be 'illuminated.'

I was visiting my father in a little town in Iowa, when in the middle of the night, I was ripped out of my bed, and taken at an incredible rate of speed past stars and galaxies and came to this great black castle. I went right through the door, and into a room with walls about 50 feet high. The only light was a bluish glow from two glass walls on each side - which were filled with water like two giant aquariums. But instead of fish floating in those giant aquariums, there were hundreds of men, women, and children floating in it. Master H appeared and said, "Welcome to the cathedral of pain." Then, there appeared a throne with a 20 foot tall being seated on it, who identified himself as Satan. He changed forms, and alternated between a handsome man, a gorgeous woman, a winged bull, and a winged goat. I was ordered to lie down on a black table in the middle of the room, and a being came up to me with hands about 5 times the size of mine, and with six inch talons. He buried one of his talons into my forehead, and a voice said, 'Now you belong to me.' It felt like my brain exploded, and then the floor dropped out from under me, and I fell and fell through space and landed in my father's back yard with a thud. All around me in a circle was burning grass. You could smell ozone, as if it had just been hit by lightning. I didn't have a stitch of clothing on, and I staggered back into the house and managed to get back into bed. It was about 4 o'clock, and I had this terrible headache. My mind was totally transformed. I felt as though I was a machine with no sense of any kind of compassion. I would have to fight it off when I wanted to appear to be nice. I was like half human and half machine, and whatever was inside me viewed human beings with contempt and disdain - like ants - to be stepped on.

You might think that this is about as bad as it gets, but I'm sorry, the devil wasn't quite done with me yet. Because of that experience in the cathedral of pain, I was deemed worthy to be a 90th degree Mason. Here on the screen (video) you see my degree as a 90th degree Mason. This is also when I was consecrated as a bishop in the Catholic church at the same time. The fellow who signed at the bottom of this degree, introduced me to one other kind of magic. He took me to a church in Chicago where there was a vampire cult. So I was initiated into the cult of the vampires. I know I'm stretching your credulity a bit, but there's even medical conditions for this. There are medical research papers about people who are addicted to human blood. This was the problem that I began having. I began to develop a taste for human blood. It got more and more overwhelming until I couldn't eat anything except blood and the Catholic sacrament. If I tried to eat or to even drink water, I would throw it up. What they originally told me {to get me roped into it} was that I could survive just by drinking the wine which turns into blood at the Catholic mass. They said 'This will get you through the day, so you won't have to go out and attack people.' But this worked for only a few weeks. Eventually I had to start finding women that would let me bite them in the neck. I was getting more and more ravenous for human blood. I had two or three covens full of witches, and so I rounded up about 6 to 12 women who were willing to let me tap their jugular veins. By spreading it around, I never endangered any one woman, except once when I accidentally took too much of her blood and I nearly killed her. I got to be really scared by this time. I looked at what I had become, and I realized that I was totally out of control. When I was driving down the street and would see a woman or a prostitute - it was all I could do to keep from leaping out of the car and jumping on her and ripping her throat out. I mean I was feeling that murderous and that ravenous. I'm sorry if this is upsetting to any of you, but this is where I got. I was at the bottom of my occult experience. I was at the natural end of a lifetime of pursuing esoteric wisdom. I didn't know where it was going to end. But what happened was that the Lord intervened. Praise God.

When I got my bank statement back from the bank, a lady at the bank had noticed that one of my checks had been made out to the church of Satan, and she wrote on the back of that check the words, "I'll be praying for you in the name of Jesus." I just looked at the check and I laughed. By this time I was so deceived that I thought Jesus was a witch. I just filed the check away and forgot about it. But within 48 hours, my life began to fall apart. I lost my job, I lost all the supernatural powers that I'd been given by this blood addiction, my Satanic superior got in a truck accident and was taken out of my life, and so I was really hurting. I cried out to Lucifer for a sign. I said, "What did I do wrong? I went through all the right stuff, I signed on the dotted line, I sold my soul to you, and got others to do the same, and here I am flat on my face." It was like Satan was welching on all his promises. I said, "Satan, why is all this happening?"

But that prayer was answered by God. It was like God knocked the devil out of the way with His finger - and said, "I'm going to answer this prayer." Praise God! This is the kind of Mighty God that we serve. The way God got the Gospel to me is that He had Satan's servants bring it. One day we had a couple of witches from Chicago visit us. And do you know what they brought with them? They brought Christian literature. In the back of it was a section telling how you can become born again. They brought it because they thought it was funny. They had marked it up with obscene things. They said, "We thought that you'd really like this because it's hilarious." At the time, I just glanced at it and tossed it into the corner.

Seven years earlier, the grand master druid told us that if we ever got into any serious trouble, to join the Mormon church, because it was a church that had been founded by Masons for Masons. That way, you could appear to be a typical American with a nice home and a nice lawn, and still believe all the things that witches believe. So when two Mormons knocked on the door, we let them in, and astonished them - by telling them more about their religion than they knew - because I'd been already teaching similar stuff {as a Satanist} for ten years. They accepted us, and we were baptized in the Mormon church. We were told by the Druid that if we really wanted to get to the heart of things, we needed to go through the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City - because there would be incredible things that would take place there. So we drove all the way to the Temple in Salt Lake - and were paced about half of the way by UFO's. When we got there, we gave the secret names into the computer [you must do this before you can enter], and their whole computer system crashed. So they ushered everyone out, and they ushered us in. The rites and the things that we saw in the Mormon temple were taken right out of either Masonry or witchcraft. Most Mormons don't know all this because most Mormons aren't former Satanists or former Masons. We were ushered into the presence of one of the twelve apostles. My wife let the Mormon apostle know that we had been given to understand that the god of the Mormon temple is Lucifer. When she said that, the Mormon apostle looked at her very solemnly and said, "I bear you my solemn testimony that the things that you have said today are true." He said that she was obviously an elect lady. He said that if we would move to Salt Lake and be true to all of our covenants, we would have special places to serve inside the Mormon Temple.

We went home and I was excited, but my wife had been reading the Bible. Through reading the Bible, she committed her life totally to Jesus, and so she had also started to pray for me. I was in total bondage to the Mormon system - being hooked into this priesthood thing, and I had become 1) an elder, 2) the president of an elder's group, and 3) I was teaching a course in Mormonism. Finally, my wife got me to go back to Iowa - where I was invited to attend a 'born again" Christian meeting. I went there seeking to dazzle all of them with my great knowledge - and get them all to become Mormons. I challenged the pastor, and asked him the typical Mormon question - "Where do you get your authority to baptize so people can be saved?" The pastor said, "Who said anything about baptism? Acts 16:31 says, 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved.'"  [Note - He didn't tell him that verse 33 says that the man was baptized, but like Jesus did in Luke 16:19-31, he had met him on his own ground with truth that he most needed at that moment.]

That scripture went through me like a bullet through a sheet of wet paper. I felt like it exploded inside of me and I was bleeding all over the floor. I couldn't believe it. I thought to myself, 'Can it be that easy?' All the way home I kept thinking - 'Can it be that easy! After 34 years of trying every conceivable works related system in the book, could it really be that easy?' Well, I did what every good Mormon would do. I prayed and fasted, and read the Bible, and as I was reading through the Epistles of Paul, I made a momentous discovery. I discovered that the Apostle Paul could not have possibly been a Mormon. I knew then that there was nothing I could do to save myself. Then I remembered that somewhere in the house was this marked up literature that told how to be born again. So I rummaged around for about a half hour and I finally located it in a box somewhere. Then I knelt at the foot of my bed and opened up the literature. Then I took off my sacred Mormon underwear 'cause I didn't want anything interfering with my prayer. Then I prayed the sinner's prayer, and at that moment I gave my heart and my life to Jesus Christ. Amen. Hallelujah. Thank You Lord Jesus.

At that moment I was totally set free. I burned about $3800 worth of occult books. About a year later God called me into full-time ministry for Jesus. Now we're trying to get the word out about how soon He is coming, and we're trying to bring people [who are trapped by Satan] to our Lord Jesus Christ. People can still be reached for Jesus, and I'm living proof of that fact.

William Schnoebelen

Pastor Jan:
Praise God! In view of what the lovely Jesus brought William out of, you can see that there's hope for Wayne and for you! If anyone prays the sinner's prayer and invites Jesus to take total control of his will, mind, heart, and life, it is a fact that "the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin." I Jn. 1:7.
Listen - "Christ is 'the Prince of Peace' (Isa. 9:6), and it is His mission to restore to earth and heaven the peace that sin has broken. 'Being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ' (Rom. 5:1). Whoever consents to renounce sin and open his heart to the love of Christ, becomes a partaker of this heavenly peace." God's Amazing Grace, p. 320.
Praise God! The very instant you 1) "consent to renounce sin" and 2) "open your heart to the love of Christ,' you become "a partaker of this heavenly peace." Wonderful Jesus!
Then get the book Steps to Christ, (on this web site called Finding Peace Within) and read it twice in a row - prayerfully. Follow it to the letter, and you'll be walking and talking with your Lord, your God, your Father, your Helper, your best Friend, and the Master of the Universe - on your way to the gates of the city of God! Study the book Great Controversy, (on this web site called Cosmic Conflict) and you'll be set on fire for Christ. From now on, you must be willing to be "spiritually minded" and not "carnally minded," but when you see what both the devil and Jesus have to offer, the choice to "abide" in Christ becomes a joyful one. He will give you joyful power to obey Him instead of the devil - forever! Your life will be different. Instead of watching TV, you'll be reading the word of God. You'll be singing praises to Him, and constantly talking with Him, and seeing His power and love in nature, and enjoying Him. You'll have peace and joy, and everything you need - and He will fill you with His Holy Spirit and make you a missionary worker for Him! You a missionary! Yes! He will use you to reach many. What joy you'll have, living for others, not yourself. When I
(Pastor Jan) was a ministerial student in college, I knelt in the woods and dared to ask our Father to use me to reach a million souls for Him - knowing that you and I will never save anyone - He will. It seemed like a ridiculous request, but I dared to ask it anyway.
With an average of three living in each home, now the 27.2 million little NSL preachers in 52 languages (the National Sunday Law booklet) have reached about 81.6 million souls. Praise God. He answered my prayer "exceeding abundantly above all" that I asked or thought. He will do the same for you! He is no respecter of persons. Ask, "that your joy may be full' - for Him to use you to reach precious souls for Him, and it shall be done unto you. You will never be good enough to earn anything by your goodness, but Jesus is good enough, and when you ask something in His holy name that will glorify God {not you}, so that souls will be saved from Satan's insane power, God delights to answer. Get off the defensive of thinking about yourself and your problems, and get onto the offensive of walking and working with King Jesus to reach souls with God's last message of love and warning, and you'll be filled with joy and with the Holy Spirit of God! You need not try to do something great, to exalt yourself, but just do your duties each day, praying for help to reach the dear people, and you may be surprised what He will do - knowing that you are "under the benediction of God." MB 7. That means that God is smiling at you. Our Father loves you so much! Dear Jesus loves you more than you'll ever know. The holy angels are all around you, as they have been since the day you were born. They love you and watch over you very tenderly every moment. I wish you could see their faces looking at you now. By your life, you have it in your power to make them very happy. Nothing touches you without God's permission. You can totally rest - now and forever - in His tender love. And if God inspires you to do it, then "dare" to ask Him to use you to reach thousands, or tens of thousands - or millions, with His last message of love and warning, and He will answer your prayer. I've never kept a penny of the money from the little preachers (proceeds from selling the National Sunday Law booklet). It all goes for soul-winning. I believe that if I had kept even one dollar of it, God could not have blessed as He has. God gets the praise and He gives you the joy. He is no respecter persons. You are going to work for someone - either God or the devil. The devil will promise you everything while trying to murder you and get you turned into ashes. I praise King Jesus that He is going to win, and His humble people are going to win with Him. You can be one of them.

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