Appendix 3

The following extracts are from authoritative works by Catholic dignitaries concerning the title and position of their leader:

"All the names which are attributed to Christ in Scripture, implying His supremacy over the church, are also attributed to the Pope." Bellamin, "On the authority of Councils," book 2, Chapter 17.

"For thou art the shepherd, thou art the physician, thou art the director, thou art the husbandman, finally thou art another God on earth." Labbe and Cossart's "History of the Councils," Vol.XIV, col.109.

For the title "Lord God the Pope," see a gloss on the "Extravagantes" of Pope John XXII, title 14, chapter 4, "Declaramus"

In an Antwerp edition of the "Extravagantes", the words "Dominum Deum Nostrum Papam," (Our Lord God the Pope) occur in column 153. In a Paris edition, they occur in column 140.

"Hence the Pope is crowned with a triple crown, as king of heaven, and earth, and purgatory." Prompta Bibliotheca, by Feraris, Vol.VI, p.26, article "Papa."

In a passage which is included in the Roman Catholic Canon Law, Pope Innocent III declares that the Roman pontiff is "the vicegerent upon earth, not of a mere man, but of very God;" and in a gloss on the passage it is explained that this is because he is the vicegerent of Christ, Who is "very God and very man." See Decretales Domini Gregorii Papae IX, (Decretals of the Lord Pope Gregory IX), liberi de translatione Episcoporum, (on the transference of Bishops), title 7, chapter 3; Corpus Juris Canonice (2nd Leipzig ed, 1881), col.99; (Paris, 1612), tom.2, Decretales, col.205.


Among the twenty-seven propositions known as the "Dictates of Hildebrand" (under the name of Pope Gregory VII)  occur the following:

  2. That the Roman pontiff alone is justly styled universal.

  6. That no person... may live under the same roof with one excommunicated by the Pope.

  9. That all princes should kiss his feet only.

19. That he can be judged by no one.

22. That the Roman Church never erred, nor will it, according to the scripture, ever err.

27. That he can absolve subjects from their allegiance to unrighteous rulers.

In Clark's Commentary on Daniel 7:25, it says: "They have assumed infallibility, which
belongs only to God. They profess to forgive sin, which belongs only to God."


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